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Putting our horses in positions to be successful

Lasting competitive excellence is what we strive for in every horse we bring to the track. Superior stable management begins from the moment a horse is acquired and lasts through a horse’s dignified retirement. Off The Hook supervises the entire process of breaking, developing and placing our horses in the hands of right trainers.

"We believe the most important work we do is the breaking and early development of our horses. The most important quality we instill in our horse is a healthy attitude toward racing. We are constantly evaluating our horses to ensure they enjoy their work, are at ease on the racetrack and are unafraid of the rigors of training.

Our approach is traditional and requires patience. Complementing the mental development, are months creating individualized programs that encourage bone-remodeling and appropriate muscular development.

As our horses mature in both mind and body, we ensure that when they are placed in capable training hands, the horses are prepared for long and fruitful careers."

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